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Native American Bear Claw Necklace – bear claw jewelry native american indians turtle island two bear claw necklace with turquoise nug s is handcrafted with two genuine black bear claws large turquoise nug s black buffalo horn hair pipes and silver plated beads strung on artificial sinew with black leather thong measures approx 30" long plus claws a great piece for someone wanting to start collecting bear claw jewelry native american bear claws in native american necklaces find native american bear claws from a vast selection of native american necklaces and pendants get great deals on ebay bear claw necklace art p r e p bear claw necklace george catlin 1796 1872 was an american painter author and traveler who specialized in portraits of native americans in the old west he began traveling in native american territory in 1830 and visited over 50 tribes in six years bear claw necklace hello paula i have a bear claw squash blossom necklace i got it at an estate auction in 1989 in bowman nd it is missing one claw they are real claws it is made of silver native american indian folklore & symbols the bear while it is ok to wear a bear claw there were taboos regarding bears in different native american tribes e such taboo was to kill mother bears with their cubs e such taboo was to kill mother bears with their cubs native american symbol meanings bear the bear is a sacred animal of many meanings in native american culture most prevalently the symbol of the bear is a sign of spiritual and physical power and courage .

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Native American Made Badger Claw Necklace 20 claws bear claws and elk teeth Crow Peabody Harvard ac image 0 A PRAIRIE GRIZZLY BEAR CLAW NECKLACE c 1835 posed of 22 grizzly bear claws strung on hide and wrapped with woven cotton cloth and hide Bear claw necklace with glass beads sinew string circa 1920 1930 Native American Grizzly Claw necklace of the Iowa Chief called The White Cloud displayed by the Iowa tribe of Kansas and Nebraska in their museum Turquoise Bear Claw Navajo Silver Necklace Old Pawn Native American Navajo Bear Claw Necklace necklaces southwest jewelry 50 1320 Best Nashusha images

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